The Great Dangwa Flower Market

Published: 01st October 2009
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When it comes to flower shops in the Philippines, there isn't any better place than to visit one of the Metro Manila's most notable flower market, the Dangwa Flower Market. Aside from other popular flower markets in the Philippines, including those found in Farmer's Plaze in Cubao, Dangwa Flower Market became popular mainly because of its cheaper and wider collections of flowers. Compared to Farmer's Plaza, as well as with other flower markets, Dangwa Flower Market is the only place in Manila, if not Metro Manila, that one could buy a dozen roses for only 50 Philippine pesos that would usually cost around 300-400 Philippine Pesos.

This is the main reason why Dangwa Flower Market became popular in Metro Manila, because of their cheaper collection of flowers. Other popular feature of the flower market are the products sold in every Philippines Flower Shop and other services they offer.

Products and other services
Considered a center of flower retail in the Metro, Dangwa showcases the richness of floral products of the Philippines, particularly in Baguio City, Davao City, Tagaytay City, Cotabato City and Laguna. A wide range of blooms are offered day in and day out, from roses, zinnias, marigolds, and chrysanthemums, to anthuriums, gerberas, daisies, and tulips. Rare flowers can also be bought at some select stores here but have to be ordered at least a week before needed.

While most of the stalls cater particularly to individual customers, there are also wholesale flower retailers in the area that answer to large orders. Some bigger flower shops even accept deliveries. Ornamental petals and leaves, floral supplies and decors, and accessories like laces and ribbons are also available in Dangwa.

While a great number of people flock these Philippines Flower Shop to buy flowers, there are also some who visit to get their flowers arranged. Stores in Dangwa take arrangement orders for special affairs like weddings, debuts, wakes, fiestas, and other church celebrations. Flower arrangement, like other services in the area, is also very inexpensive.

Historical Events
It is said that the market's golden years is during the time when Imelda Marcos was the First Lady. At that time the market provided flowers for big flower shops which in turn decorated the Malacanang Palace. Another historical event is that during the 80's and the 90's, the Philippines Flower Shop market has surpassed the fame of competitors in Quiapo, Manila and Baclaran.

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