The Best Way To Send A Flower To The Philippines

Published: 09th April 2010
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Sending a flower gift to Philippines were once an impossible thought for many overseas Filipinos. However, because of the introduction of online flower shops, sending a flower became as easy as taking a few hits of a button. But there are ways to send a flower other than online services. One of the reason why overseas Filipinos wouldn't send a flower through the use of packages is its long transit time. However, most courier companies today could provide a 24 hour or overnight delivery service which could ensure that their flowers would arrive on time.

The overnight delivery service or 24 hour delivery service were introduced to provide customers with faster means of delivering stuff and other important objects such as documents. This service is open to anybody willing to pay for its fee. Overseas Filipinos could easily send their bouquet of flowers to their loved ones without having to worry about the flower withering while in transit. However, there are several reason as to why Filipinos wouldn't send a flower through courier services. One is the risk of delays.

Although courier companies would assure that their package will arrive in time, there are certain events in which a package could be caught-up and delayed. Though this event doesn't happen too much, there is still the risk of mishandling which could ruin the whole floral arrangement. Another reason why many Filipinos wouldn't send flowers through packages is the thought that courier services wouldn't accept such a package. Though some courier companies would accept it, they wouldn't hold themselves liable if the flower would die during transport. This is the reason why many would not choose to send a flower through the use of packages.

Online flower shops is considered as the best way to send flower back to the Philippines. Online flower shops first became popular because of the convenience it gives to customers. According to several reports, online flower shops almost dominated the floral industry of the US. However, for overseas Filipinos, online flower shops opened a new way for them to send a bouquet of flower gift to Philippines.

The number of online flower shops in the Philippines today have steadily increased. One example of a popular online flower shop based in the Philippines today is MyFlowerDepot. Like many other Philippine-based online flower shops, MyFlowerDepot is known to provide a way for overseas Filipinos to send flowers to their loved ones through the use of their services such as catalogs of available designs of flower, gifts, and many more. Services such as delivery are usually free for most online flower shops. However, only selected online flower shops such as MyFlowerDepot could provide a nationwide delivery of their flowers, making it more easier for overseas Filipinos to send flower gift to Philippines.

Because of online flower shops, every Filipino from around the world has been given the chance to finally send a bouquet of flowers to their loved ones in the Philippines and celebrate memorable events such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. For more information visit to our site at

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