A Popular Flower Market In The Heart Of Manila

Published: 26th January 2010
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There are numerous places in which a Filipino could by their flowers. One popular place would be the malls. Another would be through shopping centers. However, there is one place in the Philippines, or a street to be precise, which is dedicated to selling the most beautiful and highly appealing collection of flowers ever found in the market. This place is popularly known among the Filipinos as simply Dangwa. Today, it's known as the Dangwa Flower Market.

Dangwa, or Dangwa Flower Market, is one of largest flower market found in the Philippines. Although the market isn't as grand as those flower markets found in Baguio City, Davao City, or in Tagaytay, its uniqueness and popular in the Philippines were mainly because the flower market is located in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the Philippines, Manila.

Dangwa Flower Market is currently located in the Dos Castillas Street and Laong-Laan Street Sampaloc, Manila. What made the flower market very popular among the Filipinos is its wide collections of flowers originating from various locations all over the country such as La Trinidad, Baguio City, Davao City, Tagaytay City, Cotabato City and Laguna as well as the number of philippines flower shop situated there (having more than 50 stalls set up along the street). Another factor that made the place very popular is with its price.

Its even believed that flowers sold in Dangwa Flower Market could go as low as 150% from those sold in the malls or shopping centers. Prices of flowers in the area are both negotiable and affordable. On a regular day, roses can be bargained for as low as P50 a dozen. However, during special occasions like Valentine's Day and All Souls' Day, prices of key products have been known to soar by as much as six times.

But the question now is, why is the place called Dangwa? Before the street became a popular place for flower shops, the street were first known for its nearby bus station named Dangwa Transport terminal. It was until few of the residents started opening philippines flower shop on the streets. The flower market was said to have started on 1976. The market was then surrounded by middle-class neighborhoods. But during the 80's and the 90's, the market's popularity has surpassed the fame of competitors in Quiapo, Manila and Baclaran.

Today's innovations have also upgraded these philippines flower shop services. The advent of modern technology, specifically Short message service or "texting" has improved communication and efficiency in transporting the flowers from rural farmers. SMS is also used to prevent losses since the flower dealers can tip the farmers to what flowers would be in demand. For more information visit to our site at http://www.myflowerdepot.com

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